Work of Heart

This breathtaking work is one of those classic albums that rewards repeat listens, gradually revealing new layers and nuances as you delve deeper into it.

The title reflects that the music, lyrics and emotions expressed come from a place of sincere honesty. On Work of Heart, Zonke is revealing her most personal truth exactly as she feels it.

For all that, the album is a massively entertaining, musically coherent work in diverse styles, displaying varied influences and dripping with hit singles.

“This is coming straight from my heart,” she says. “My previous album was consciously South African. Here I’m just expressing myself and things must just come out the way I feel them.”

“I have many influences – local and international. I wanted to be more honest about my songs and my craft. I allowed myself to just be. The songs came out the way they came out. There were no preconceived ideas.”

Zonke is the only female artist on the South African scene writing, producing and performing her own work. On Work Of Heart she has produced a magically eclectic album that will have timeless appeal.


# Title Length
2 Dear Child (So Many Ways) 3:46
4 S.O.S (Release Me) 4:03
6 Free State of Mind 3:49
7 Reach It 3:34
9 This Is It 3:34