For the Level EP

For The Level is a sober showcase of an artist that's getting it together, the quality of the music is well done and you get to hear Zingah in a way you've never heard him before. It's more than just rap, it's him displaying the effort and time taken to make and arrange the music - showing just how seriously he takes his craft. He's also not one to shy away from controversy. Lines like, "All I hear is rich n&%#$ making poor music" (a twist of Rick Ross' "rich n&%#$ making poor decisions") on the Punisher with KLY might just ruffle up some feathers but rap is a sport after all, *sips tea*.

Zingah's affiliation with Maphorisa is also mentioned and he shows love while also stating the power lawd Porry has in the most braggadocio manner on Twisted where he says, "I can hit up Maphorisa to send it to Diplo for a remix, now that's a plug." One thing that comes across on this EP is that Zingah has purposely positioned himself in a positive and productive space.


# Title Length
1 For the Level 3:13
2 Twisted 2:48
3 Bunnies Jumping 4:06
4 No Fear 3:34
7 Too Litty 3:06