The Fake Book & Real Book: My Music Bible

Despite initially losing the whole album when his laptop broke, Zakes Bantwini has still managed to put together an album that is a spectacular improvement from his first offering and quite easily one of the most musically forward South African albums in recent times. The album opens with the soulful Darling, a beautiful gem of a track that immediately shows you just how far Zakes has come as an artist. In all his interviews about this new album Zakes made it clear that he wanted his newfound musical knowledge to shine through and he managed to do just that. Although you’ll still be able to point out the signature Zakes sound in the percussion (sometimes it sounds a little Black Coffee-ish), there’s a lot more musicality in the arrangement and execution of the production. The lead single Ifunaya featuring Nigerian star J. Martins, sounds even better in the context of the entire album. Without a doubt though the heartfelt true-story Ghetto is the apple of the album’s eye. The track is split into two parts; the first being the actual single while the second is an 11min story by Zakes about his life and career through the years. In essence The Fake Book & The Real Book is Zakes Bantwini’s best work yet. Bravo!


# Title Length
4 She Stole My Heart 7:00
9 Ghetto 7:18
11 Karolina 6:32