Freakin' Frank' (Franklin Chirwa dis)

I'm typing, ya waiting, yo crush is what I'm dating
Right now your sister is what I'm mating
You easily say 'won', if you were a sneaker award you'd be easily won
I'm not an animal but ma' lines are strong like a horn
I'm an unpredictable spitter, since- I-was-born
I'm not like you boy
course I don't watch porn
I spit a verse, I don't rehearse-like-Sean-Don
Ya too slow to go with the flow, ya like a rain I'm like a snow, you host a show I steal that show
My dawg lemme admit that you're great but I'm greater, you're THEAT' and I'm Peter, you're a freezer I'm a hitta
My bars were cool at first but now they are cooler, my verses are hella lit like a house of a jeweller
I'm lit like a Matchbox, on my raps you'll do that BeatBox, I'm a farmer and you-are-my-OX
Fact Yuh'Mcety rocks
I'm krazy and y'all lazy
Yo verses are boring it's like you write 'em snoring
Ma daw', don't provoke the b.o.a.t coz it'll poke and you'll choke
On your crew school I'm the board and you the chalk
Alex you don't flex, you like a wack brand--Reflex
I drop, you stop I'm gone you pop!
Bye, loser a.k.a my diaper
Copy that.