Zvose zvangu (cover)

Zvose zvangu (cover) (Prod. by Gangsta grillz & Mikelah)

ytiz ft Gangsta grillz

Song for mama (2018)



Verse 1
Hello mai mwana, you always wanna see me happy
I've been a jerk all this time always making you unhappy
Maruva enyika mazere but you're the only one blooming nice
Zvepasi pano hazvipere, so I will give us a chance tive one
Hazvidi godobori only kufambidzana kwangu newe, even
Vavengi nevaroyi won't do anything till we done
I'm so ashamed got stuck on being me, destroyed a good soul just to be the stupid me, ah
I'm so ashamed got stuck on being bad, nolonger a kid
It's high time I act mature

Uchava zvose zvangu ( I just want you to understand that I didn't see the potential)
Darling uri wangu ( Right now that I know how much I mean to you will just have to give it a try)
Uchava zvose zvangu ( yeah will just have to give a try)
Darling uri wangu (you are my everything yah)

Verse 2
I'm sorry our first days weren't hey days
Was acting like a savage there were our worst days
I'm disappointed with my actions it's my nightmare
Ever since then, it's been why her
But now I will be the best lover, dont worry
Mawounds ndomacover (baby baby baby), it's not bout the money but
What we feel,
I pray that you forgive me, just you forgive me girl (just forgive me girl)

Uchava zvose zvangu ( uchava zvose zvose zvangu baby)
Darling uri wangu (yeah)
Uchava zvose zvangu (uchava zvose zvangu baby)
Darling uri wangu (ehhh)