Fuck You

Fuck You (Prod. by Sikelela17)


Fuck You (2018)


YoungBee - Fuck You

Don you act lk u miss me
Don't u act lk u love me
Don't u act lk u cared for me
You neglected me
I don hatchu, I wish i never met witchu...

[Main Verse]
I wish i could undo all dat i did for u
I don rejoice my birthday lk i used to do
Fuck ur nikka too
An every shit remindin me of u
What we had was true
Till u started findin someone new
You never had to choose
Now i feel lk if I only knew...
I would slaughter n put ur face on the box
But jus before I do put in some venegar n sauce
I was weeping everyday buh my tears never affected u...
You got ur self a better dude
Im so fuckin mad at u
I wish i never dated u
I wish i never met with u...

How do u sleep at night
You blame it on my silly past
Bitch you must be very nuts
I tried muh best tah make it right
I guess muh best was not enough
Always made u win da fight

While you were lyin on my chest
I use to lick ur breast
You told me im da best
Buh u were lying on my face
Im da one who made ur panties wet
I wonder who u fuckin next
You nothin but an ugly bitch
You bit me lk a fuckin rat

I should have fucked u when da chance
But then i chose to understand
You acted lk a holy saint
You knew that i'll understand
You scared me with ur freakin dad
Wat da heck u callin dat
I never wanna see u dead
I wish dat u r livin dead
You never cared u made me sad
I know dat u wont comprehend
I fuckin wanna make u pay

I don hate u
But neither do i like u
You so selfish making everything about u
All the dreams u told me, were nothing more than a story
I'm speakin how I feel you silly bastard feelin sorry
Its like, i was hit by a biggest truck or lorry

Im sorry i never meant to go so mad at y'all
I was pissed an going mad started to puched on the walls,
All oh these years i was in love with a fool
You wasnt even pretty buh i was lovin y'all

My friends would keep on sayin i need some1 whose new
But Den I never thought der z some1 better than u
When u told me im da best
I should have known it was jus lust
Coz, all da distant bitches are jus whores dey never last
Its feel thou lk a different life
I can't blv I called u wife
Not a dai without a strife

Vows were made to be broken
I was stupid, very dumb to believe things dat are spoken
She said, I cant be sorry its who i am
So can u blame me If I fuckin hate yah name?
Coz all along
We shared a favourite song
Watchu did was not wrong...
I should have known its fong kong
You blame it on distance
Bitch u have loose pants
I hope dat will make sense
Don get me wrong i kinda lk u muh past tense
Don wanna lie,buh my heart is still bleedin
Now im fuckin all these bitches jus tah make sure its healin
Coz i loved ur ass much lk im lovin muh sibling
This Is no fuckin diss track, im expressing muh feelings

You said im all u ever wanted,
I trusted
Then u blame it on my past
Lk ur lips never cheated
We said cheatin was forbidden, cannot be forgiven
Butchu dd it all da tym lk u do dat shit for livin

You tried to read my mind, coz i told yah dat im open minded
Nikkas turning backs even bitches dat u always trusted
Jus bcz we made it last dznt mean u da best
I mean da fact its jus a past always gonna manifest
So its same lk pretty purse with no Fuckin cent
Thats why im raising diba
fist, busy shouting money first

You really thought im a fool
You think you can lie tah muh face while u bitching at skul
You think you can tear muh heart n fix it up with a tool
Myb im blind coz i always thought u different
You always acted innocent
Wat about muh sentiments
Don talk about some stupid feeling
Wat we had was jus a fling
Im da one who kept it real
I guess it was a stupid thing

Don you act lk u miss me
Don't u act lk u love me
Don't u act lk u cared for me
You neglected me
I don hate you
Im so fuckin mad atchuu
Its lk stress and hard feelings all relate to u....