Jump (Prod. by Young Ginger )

Young Ginger

Undercover Single (2019)



Jump ×6
Bitch jump

Verse 1

She jump, and hump.
I'm dry, as fuck.
I get, enough.
She said, she love.
The fuck, I'm not, the type of guy.
That you, can fall, so deep, in love.
Way back, way back, so back I can't stay there.
Take that, take that, 5k that's my favourite.
Trap drums went up stay down you ain't with that,
Real ones would know shit nigga I can state that.
She told me wanted to jump,
She jump on my dick and she hump.
Since I started my rapping she wanna be sucking and fucking a nigga she front.
I started by rolling my blunt.
And then I went straight to the hump.
I was done with the cookie and told all my niggas that we gonna jump