Chains (Prod. by Young Ginger )

Young Ginger

Undercover Single (2019)



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah x5


Through the winter storm we were soldiers,
Would look up to your daughter thinking you could really hold her.
Held us in chains.
Black man feel pain.
Always looking up at us like we apes now,
We were always thinking it would actually really change now.
Held us in chains
Black man feel pain x2

Verse 1

The story was written by a black man,
Nobody believed it cause guess what it's a black man, that's facts.
Every black man has to struggle for a reason, and the system isn't easy and the seasons had a rhythm
I'm always rapping bout the money never bout the culture,
Tryna claim it all I appear as a vulture.
Where the real rapping I should talk about the losses,
Tried to keep it in as if my heart is like a closet.
What if a white man wrote the bible?
And we'll never see the heavens cause we triggered like a rifle.
Think about it.
Read about it.
The bible wasn't here when our people were the slaves while praying for the better days.
Banished from villas by the same white man with the pen and paper,
Told the children all the stories with a lotta errors.
So how am I wrong when I doubt the bible?
Tell the story to your kids, never leave the titles