She Baba

Bababa shebaba wo shebaba (x2)
Khwathi kendibeke Khwathi khwathi kendibeke (x3)
Khwathi ndiyibeke ngal'hlobo (x2)

Oh shebaba oh shebaba (x4)

[Verse 1]
Lomtwana uphuma e Vosloo,
Sidibene pha izolo ndathatha inumber ngomlomo
And now we in the bendo
Turn into a dance floor.
She really can dance though
I should have a couple of cities added to my passport.
Rap star I fuck a bad bad.
I deserve my land back and any other benefit I haven't had yet.
I've been on a meanstreak dream sleep
You know u want a repeat retreat man down
And thebe gos haibo they will never catch a nigga asleep though.
I never panic I have sweet flow.
Im digging damage for the fans now the plans gotta change couldn't manage what
I had understand it's the game
Its the game challenge for the rand
Understand innovation siphole sikhululeke
iZolo besithukuthele spope unomphela sibone impumelelo.
Hit a stand at the grand plenty bottles for the best
nama blesser siyawaletha
Andisajoli ndifuna umam noma kulapha e next door
What you think I do this rap for huh

Khwathi kendibeke Khwathi khwathi kendibeke x3
Khwathi ndiyibeke ngal'hlobo x2
oh shebaba oh shebaba x4

[Verse 2]
I'm never gonna let go a neva ngiblome net so, sobahlasela angeke basithole, or kanjani uyangithola.
Ngoba imali ithanda ukuphunguleka.
Kanti indla ibangisa inhlupheko.
Kgali kgali phandi inyuku kuphela.
Nansi inumber ifaka induku kuphela.
Kukhala isgubhu kuphela.
Sobahlukumeza alot of niggas take from me and the other way.
You couldn't even take from me any other way
On my sweet 16 it's been a fire a come up hey.
Fire beat same steez just on another page.
Siyabagcwalisela siyababalisela ngiyabasikizela uyaba jumpisela .
What a nigga got to do with the W coz they can never make another you In a minute in the middle I aint even finched even a little.
God I believe in the minerals you know that I need it.
I can swing it if you need it most of yall aint never did it ran the city now Im chilling while you dreaming
Khwathi kendibeke Khwathi khwathi kendibeke (x3)
Khwathi ndiyibeke ngal'hlobo (x2)

Oh shebaba oh shebaba (x4)