Xenee Lee

Siyabulela Mboyiya.

(born September 26, 1994),

Genres : Hip hop • Trap •Cloud rap •Emo rap •Southern Hip hop

Instruments : FL Studio ¬ Vocals

Birth name : Siyabulela Mboyiya

Also known as : Ta Jews• Juzana •Young Xenee Lee

[1] known professionally as Xenee Lee, is an South African upcoming hip hop songwriter, recording artist and producer. He grew up listening to Cash Money Records, Nelly, and Pro Kid ; Tha Carter album was the first album he purchased. Juzana later began listening to Lecrae, Wiz kid and Rich The Kid , who influenced his future style.

[2] In 2010, at the age of sixteen, Xenee Lee joined Sxeko Records as the youngest member of the label. And in 2011, Xenee Lee started another hip hop group called Unknown Killers.

[3] The U.K's seperated after the highschool life was over because they were not from one place and they had to find ways in life but they never seperated as a crew. Siyabulela continued with his Sxeko Records label mates which are based in his town.

Most of Xenee's success came with his Mixtape SOT "Skills Over Talent" (2016) with tracks such as Senzenjani , All night riddim and the singles ; Digits, Stab and Hunneds "Lord knows" featuring Beatssosleek.[4] Xenee Lee is also the
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of his own
label imprint, Fruition Menaces Entertainment.

[5]Xenee was suspended from school in the 12th grade for narcotics, fighting and he was arrested for almost killing a person he was involved in a fight with. Xenee allegedly slapped a
woman in class and he was charged "with misdemeanor simple assault, a class two misdemeanor".

The case was dismissed after the woman failed
to appear to court. Xenee Lee stated that he would never touch a woman for nothing and that she "should have known that there could be trouble messing with him". He was also arrested with friends for drinking and driving in 2016.

About his upbringing, he said that
he was given two options to feed his family : to "sell drugs or rap" because it was hard to be employed in his home town even though he has a matric certificate.
From the age of 19, Siyabulela used the nickname

[6]When he joined Facebook he chose the
username 'Xenee Lee ', "...'cause you know
People who like to fight and with small eyes , have the" Lee and all that." This later became his stage name when he started to rap and a name favored by his fans.


[8] Xenee was raised by his grandmother and his mother, His father died when he was still very young.[9]

Xenee Lee released his studio Mixtape "Skills Over Talent" with his old windows xp Lenovo pc internal microphone because he could not afford a decent studio microphone and he did not have no one supporting him but that didn't stop the young Rapper from going forward. [11] The Mixtape is praised for its remarkable production, the young rapper's lyricism is also praised on tracks such as Digits and Hunneds. While also being criticized for being too real.

[12] After he released a short snippet music video for his song "YXL", he received attention from several record labels and producers.

[13] In school, Siyabulela had a particular interest in drawing. Creating comics was his favorite and he enjoyed creating cartoon characters.

[14] He played cricket in his 12th grade to avoid drugs and getting into trouble. [15]"I never saw myself going this far
with music. Music was just a hobby at first. I
never saw myself being on stage and rocking
out shows. After I lost a lot , I started to
take it more serious and that’s when my dream
came true", he said in an interview to bacladtvo