No chill

No chill (Prod. by Phone - X)

Whiz ft Tray Scott



I ain't got no time to take a chill pill
Pull up to ma city you gettin popped nikka,
YRN workin on this case nikka
Shout out to my bros they workin hard nikka

[Verse 1] Whiz Dakid Kayvn

I ain't got no time to take a chill pill
Watch me work man I got the skill
Hard game it feels like a hill
I give em something that they gonna feel nikka

Different pace, Different space, Different case
I don't chill cause I wanna win it all
Nah nah nah they ain't gonna see me fall
Rollin joints now they say I'm gettin tall
I don't care nikka I'm just out here to ball

Yung real nigger I don't talk swag
Power sauce man I wanna raise ma flag
& we all wanna get the bag nikka

Step aside nikka I'll make you abate
Don't come near me I don't do debates
(Yah yah I don't do debates )

I don't even care I just roll nikka

[Verse 2] Whiz Dakid Kayvn & Tray Scott

I ain't got no time for this fakers
Every rapper claims to have haters
I put all my time on this hustlers
Talk whatchu wanna hear me rap abouuu
Gettin money, gettin chicks or poppin joints
Stop it bro you now know tha' shid is false

I'm a real one & they know the name
Talk talk nikka I don't need the fame
I've been real ever since I showed up
Blessings fall boy I just face up
I don't play nikka I'm all the way up
Now they say I'm doin shid when I'm alone