WhatGang is a music group formed by 2 brothers, Khulule Ncungula known as Khusta Erf- Born in 1990 24 Dec and Bathobele Ncungula known as Tobzer Mann- Born in 1996 22 Oct.
They located in Port Elizabeth but born and raised in former Transkei, Ngqeleni.
Stayed together in one of the muddy hoods of PE, then they started doing hip hop music, streets loved their rhythm.
Performed all over EC, even got nominated as Best Group in Live Your Dream Awards, which are held KZN Durban.
When WhatGang scream "its One Word Baba" err'body's response is a loud "WHAT".
Word is: they working on a Album called BURN THE CITY which will be dropping later this year.

On social networks its simply WhatGang



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