WTF, Man?!

( A cartridge of Était Une Fois... La Vie - Micro Patrol lays silently within the retro console decorating the center of the living room, waiting for someone to press start and play... )

Wtf, tho?! Is this love, thou? Wtf, though?! Is this the one, yo? Wtf, tho?! Is this love, thou? Wtf, though?! Could you be loved, yo? Wtf, thou?! Reals real be loved lov? Wtf, though?! And be real loved lov? Wtf, th... th..
( gets seizure after counting sheep for too long and being tired over practising Smack-O'-Piñataz-Do at the dojo... )
( ...wakes up and resumes smoking sheep's wool )

Wtf, tho?! Is this love, thou? Wtf, though?! Is this the one, yo? Wtf, tho?! Is this...
( gets shot for singing mumble rap )
( the supremacist shooter goes back to playing Twisted Metal Black and reading the book Day Of Retribution )

( the shooter returns after a few hours speaking to the dead individual )

Heya, mate! I didn't mean to shoot ya... but, have u seen Anti-Venom or SymbioSIS?! You know, dude... you actually look like... like... you could be my very first black friend! A friend of color! Hurray! Aren't you the dude that used to go running around the White House for the president's chair?! I think... i remember you! Yes!!! You're the one that used to show support for Donald Trump! Woooww, duuuuude!!! Nice to meet ya! Say something, say something! Say something, say something!

Daniel Wozniak (born March 23, 1984) is a former American community theatre actor who was convicted of killing two people in September 2016. In May 2010, Wozniak murdered his neighbor and friend, PFC Samuel Eliezer "Sam" Herr, a 26 years old OEF Army Veteran of the 1st Squadron, 91st Cavalry Regiment of the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team In Iraq, and Herr's friend, Juri "Julie" Kibuishi, as part of a plan to frame Herr for Kibuishi’s murder and steal his savings of $62.000 from combat pay in Iraq. Wozniak was deeply in debt and wanted money to finance his upcoming wedding and honeymoon with his then-fiancée, Rachel Mae Buffett. The actor laughed theatrically after decapitating and dismembering the army veteran, while confessing to the crime, and is currently living in death row since 2016.