V-Tech Rampage

The Earth was an insane realm when the ideal Jesus of poetic justice, the Alpha & Omega, descended from the sky looking for promiscuity in Russia. The ones living in trailer parks were so concern'd-hated, the disabled in their wheelchairs were speeding away because of mockery using pictures of duck lips in parties against them. Besides, stones in video games were thrown against the people living in either a non-3D garage or a real basement. Some autists were victims of constant sexist bullying for not being adherents of an occasional bbq friday's spitroast, but it wasn't like so until it was revealed via facebook that transsexuals were deemed insane by certain Disneyland-Instagram Inc. oriented groups quite grown, in popularity. While the Big Bad Gangsta Wolvez passed by unnoticed, others were pretending they're trap rappers and the fat were enduring abuse for not fitting the bill in cosmetics, as the old were laughed at, because... they're just old, duh!
Ah, why did it take so long for me to make propaganda on a news channel about my progress at the expenses of criticizing poor countries?! Hardcore bagel heads as monks for self-immolation still pay sorry attention to "The Screams" & "Speed Demon" by Michael Jackson, instead of concentrating at the sound of the hi-scores! Weeeeeeeeeee! Weeeee! Weeee!
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After the controversial death of notorious african priest T. B. Joshua, the 2014 Synagogue Church building collapse that caused 44 deaths is still one of the greatest african conspiracy theories of modern times. The most popular african church, the SCOAN, explained how a mysterious aircraft passed 4 times around the building and used infrasonic emissions to cause structural damage. The SCOAN further aimed its finger at the nigerian authorities, labelling them suspects, while also indicating possible foreign intervention as the cause or as a supportive force alongside the nigerian authorities. The SCOAN is still, nevertheless, being questioned for the possibility of being sent to trial for the consequences arising from the collapse of their own church.