Um Bongo Jungle Juice

At those times it used to be "Kick, Hush", now it's just: DROGAS, DROGAS, DROGAS! DROGAS, DROGAS, DROGAS, DROGAS! DROGAS, DROGAS, DROGAS... ZzZZZZZZzzz...
We interrupt this program in order to prroppãrlly... rrlyi... present:

Um Bongo is a brand of juice drinks. It was first produced in 1983 by Nestlé and the Libby's brand in the United Kingdom, and was later acquired & licensed by/to Portugal.

It was known in the UK with the additional slogan "Um Bongo! Um Bongo! They drink it in the Congo!", used with the accompanying animated television advert since 1985, which also made to becoming a popular song at that time. The iconic & traditionally portuguese company Sumol + Compal bought it in 2003, revamped its design until the late 2010s to 2020s and made a revival of it with a different slogan: "Um Bongo, o bom sabor da selva!" meaning "Um Bongo, the good flavour of the jungle!".

Sumol + Compal produces and sells the drink as far as into Mozambique, Angola, São Tomé, Cape Verde and few other african nations. Its success is so highly acclaimed that it includes vast merchandise never seen in other "ordinary" portuguese juice brands. The "Campanha Máscaras", an exclusive campaign of it, encourages using Um Bongo juice packs as masks.

Well, thiz one time for Our Lord Harambe and the future of TV,
i'd also inevitably say: "Voice over: Bad! Mask: Good!"