The Death Of EA Sports, EA Big & Activision O2

"The US-led invasion of Iraq was illegal." - UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan
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We follow up the adventures of LV'EL & Slayy as they open a library with the slogan: "LV'ELUpUnT0 SUMEtHIn' lik dems actorsz in teh U.N. A'speEechx!"... It's unknown exactly how many viruses exist. 320.000 types of viruses infect mammals, according to the American Society for Microbiology. LV'EL sought to contribute by researching for games, since viruses are the largest reservoirs of unexplored genetic diversity on Earth and an average 3/4 new species are discovered every year. He then, wanted to revolutionize entertainment by compiling a virtual encyclopedia about all known Fauna & Flora, their vital characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, behaviour, importance of each for medicine/balancing the ecosystems, etc, although Slayy advised not to embark into anything about real science or critical thinking, but focus instead on UFC Soccer's millionaire transfers & gambling at the east coast, dyeing his hair blonde and leaving broke Mongol Wrestlers of the DPRK'S QLeague in oblivion biting the dust. Got it?

The dream came true! LV'EL&Slayy surpassed LeGG0's honour, replacing EA's importance. LV'EL:69::TiPs.AReNA;;Y-SportZ was released containing the first realistic TriniTY database of non-human mammals for virtual combat. The world was so proud to learn a lot with them that both could borrow FREEendlessSLOWMO.dll of India from Niranjan Agnihotri's MOMENTUM & CO. and Mexico renamed the main streets of its St. Regal capital in honour of LV'EL &Slayy. LV'EL wakes up all of a sudden lader after conzuming the purple pill, only to find himsel screamin' in the hotel room:


So LV'EL went runnin' around MARsz INCxRoverz
for answers...