The Death Of Captain Planet

PURE DINDUIST: So, RAMBO is not a pussy!
AVID FAN: But... but... how about that DINDU NUFFIN', DINDUISM stuff?!
PURE DINDUIST: In t-shirts, brands n' logos and stuff, look for it.
AVID FAN: Uh, ok. And... and... Who killed the electric car?
PURE DINDUIST: F*ck it, man! Ah'ma light my cigar right here in public.
AVID FAN: Honestly, tell me about at least one hungry ghost like Krasue or a common individual that is a celebrity and not a part of the satanic-reptoid #Illuminati. Can you?
PURE DINDUIST: Bla bla bla, too easy! The 19 years old Kitty Of Crackland aka Gatinha Da Cracolandia, a leader of drug trafficking in São Paulo with many followers on instagram, the 51 years old Abelha Rainha, another female leader of PCC in drug trafficking, and of course, that one space-cadet bling master Mace Dindu! They're common controversial individuals.
AVID FAN: Ah, c'mon! That's too cliché! Don't you just want to watch... huh... Tyrone Sheeeit memes?

List Of Unresolved Problems In Science according to Wikipedia:
1. Baryon Asymmetry - why is there far more matter than antimatter in the observable Universe?
2. Nature Of Wow! Signal - was this singular event a real signal and, if so, what was its origin?
3. Alkaloids - the function of these substances in living organisms which produce them is not known.
4. Diseases With No Cure - what are the neural bases of mental diseases like psychotic disorders (e.g. severe mania, schizophrenia), parkinson's disease, alzheimer's disease? Is it possible to recover sensory or motor function?
5. Neuroplasticity - how plastic is the mature brain?
6. Arrow Of Time In Physics & Quantum - why time has a direction?
7. Sleep - what is the biological function of sleep? why do we dream? what are the underlying brain mechanisms? what is its relation to anesthesia?
8. Polynomial vs. Non-polynomial - can the discrete logarithm be computed in polynomial time?
9. Linguistic Gaps - what are ways to deal with untranslatability? how to understand meanings known only in certain languages and their cultures?
10. Problem Of Existence In Metaphysics - why there is anything/something rather than nothing?
11. Homosexuality - what is the cause of homosexuality, especially in the human species?