The first time I encountered Veladraco was when they opened for Tweak’s 10 year reunion tour at The Assembly. I was exhausted after a long week at university and was probably only there because Tweak was a defining part of my childhood. I had arrived there just before Veladraco took to the stage and had plonked myself and my girlfriend on those leather couches that lined the back wall. Those couches were actually insanely comfortable and will be forever missed. As soon as Veladraco finished their first song, I said to myself: “this is my new favourite local band” and it was probably because they embodied everything that I love about pop-punk and more specifically a style of pop-punk that I lovingly call “shitty pop-punk” – a brilliant style of pop punk that abandons polished sounds in favour of authenticity, honesty and sheer rawness of emotion.

This is something that Veladraco does incredibly well with their live performances. It is a thunderous burst of catchy guitar riffs, punchy drum beats and Alaine Marthezé’s piercing nasal vocals which aren’t particularly great but they match the angst-ridden music that the band delivers. The piercing nature of Marthezé’s vocals are reigned in on Veladraco’s self-titled EP but nothing is done to disguise the fact that his singing is not on the same level as commercial pop stars. This is crucial to Veladraco’s sound as it drives home the authenticity and honesty that accompanies their music...

...Veladraco is the kind of band that is going to inspire a lot of teenagers that may be half-decent at singing to pick up a mic and hopefully start recording their own angsty and awkward takes on the pop punk genre. That makes me incredibly hopeful for the future.


# Title Length
1 Circles 2:32
2 Town 2:35
7 Animals 3:34