It was 76
The street blew in urbany mist
I'm treading it swift
And running past where Hector got hit
Bullets rang
Several kids ran
Better not flinch
I catch a glimpse
Of this bastard running past us with a gas mask
Chucking teargas cans, that hit you like anthrax
I, carry a brick load of black wrath in my stance
Hit him with a slab he drops, his rifle and flashlight
Walk towards him he's bleeding
My face, hardens grab his gun
As a crowd of overlooking youngs, take it from him
The place is humming
This mother- is gonna pay for something
For chasing and gunning and making martyrs of the young'uns
We stare for a while with murder in our eyes
If he's never seen it before
Then he heard in our cries
I, drift to a time, when we was in a line
My only dad was a prison visitor bird
Caged in its prime pain
Ancient in its time like cells
Aimed to just find my soul
Waiting to find mercy
Wait but am I worthy
Hate can divide earthly
Based on divine verbs we
Chased to define words we
Supposed to be
Cause the last days are close to we
Eyes wide close to see
Pass the smoke scenery
I drift back to see him bleed
Cock the rifle shot him
To silence his misery
Crowd dispersed
After the gun, powder burst
Life escapes him
I'm well allowed
But I still
Got it worst

76 was not a very good year
We were so caught up, with fear
But I still got it worst
I still got it worst
Got it worst