Intro ( Isqalo )


OG gimme a Beat...

Keep it One Hunnid...

(Verse 1) Trilla Vi

I Paint the portrait like Picasso
I'm picture perfect with the canvas
I tell a story For the glory
Artifacts and all of that
I'm making songs they vibing to
I heard them say they like my tunes
I tell a story with the groove
Ain't switching sides I stayed the same
A super hero with no cape
Ng'save iskhanda I keep it real
Ngshayi I namba Kjaiva abantu
I hit the stage Khlanyi crowd
They showing love Trill nigga till I die
Wanna make my mama
Ksase isqalo Aksoni isphetho

(Verse 2) Trilla Vi

I'm so loud they can't ignore me
I go deep when I tell a story
I'm Scuba diving into topics
I can't sleep coz I always script
I just rap when I feel so weak
I don't please I just do my thing
I make them slip when I pull my drip
I want the juice I wanna take a sip

(hook) Trilla Vi

Wish me well
Wish me well
Gotta go and get the bag
Nigga why u hating me
I'm just finna get the cash x2
Get the cash x3