A Dream (Freestyle)

( Intro ) Trilla Vi

Turn me up a lil bit ... we doing this right ?
We always keeping it one Hunnid
( Keep it one Hunnid )

( Verse 1 ) Trilla Vi

I always had a dream x2
Like I'm Martin Luther king
Dream big ever since a kid
My pillow knows it it can witness it
All I had to do was to pursue it
Put my faith in it I Ignore all the critism
I pray I never quit on this
Instead I wanna make it big
Spread my songs like HIV
I Don't care about an enemy
You can keep on that hating shit
Coz ain't gaining none from it I'm saving all my energy
My real niggas ride for me
They can even die for me
We outchea grinding , never chill
Ma nigga OG cooking Beats
And Molyric he's Doing big
It's Major Muzik on this shit
We doing this
My future so bright like my yellow
We all about the money in the hustleville
Nothing comes free There's no more trees
Niggas fantasizing since they smoking
Spliffs fuck all that faking shit
I'm heading to the funeral
I'm done killing beats
They should rest in peace ...

( bridge )

( gunshot... )

( Verse 2 ) Trilla Vi

I always had a dream x2
That they gotta hear my story
Coz I lay it on these beats
I don't talk a lot coz I know my song speaks
I turn a feeling to a lyric , A lyric to a music
Then they ask me how I do it ,It's so easy like the ABC
I'm committed like it's D.O.D
I put my faith on GOD
We throw a party B.O.B
We celebrating everyweek
I'm always up I never sleep ...

( Refrain ) Trilla Vi

Yea on some freestyle shit right here
On some Hunnid percent shit
Keeping it One hunnid, I got a dream nigga ...
( Wish Me Well )