ryder-Shukumisa(Remix Ft TrapKing

ryder-Shukumisa(Remix Ft TrapKing (Prod. by Cyprian)

Trap King ft Ryder

City life (2019)


What I mean is I go with 'em girls,
Jus' for the night I ain't ever going down/
My man...what you thinking bout.
I can go whole night ow' lord what the fun means?/

I jus',
Never mind I can do what they think jus' to think I can think what they think too/

Put the face on door while they chase it/
I jus' wanna hit it now then I'll ride with her./
Nxay' suka they show they gat no sure/
Imma show you where to go with the fun bitch/

She ain't nothing but she focus on a night club/
When I took her to the room, she took five/
Four five she can play with a nine nine/
So blessed, I felt for the nine nine/

Then I tell you when I hit, Nine Nine/
Nine Nine she's 18 years old/
What I did never seen people so rude/
I ain't brake door never brake rules/

Four five she can play with a nine nine/
Then I'll tell you when I hit, nine nine/
Sit down showing love on the midnight/
No stress I get tired for your [?]

But they wanna do it soft on a daylight/
She gon' like it when I call her mamaCita/
Then I put her online magazi!!!/

Who's winning?/
Tell me who's winning?/

Find love on the street,
No! No! Gazi/
Make love on the Van,
No! No! gazi/
Now you think I'll never get it?,
No! No! gazi/
Never twist [?]
No! No! gazi
Then I tell you Imma get it when I see buddie/

Shukumis' i Gaz' lakho lapho!,
Shukumis' i Gaz' lakho.

[Verse2] TrapKing
You know!

Shukumis' i Gazi while I'm blowin' o' my weed/
If you wanna fight gatta step into my ring,Rydar n' TrapKing I finally get a feat/
You know what I mean, I'm a king in thi' sh*t/

Better than before Dawg I'm f**kin' the rest/
FND tha's my home then Bee is a past/
Maybe I jus' gat a reason why I'm lookin' that ass, Because VybeQid said that you are the best/

Better like L-T Kido/
You wanna meet the problem man you wanna meet the Slingoh/
Ain't talkin' bout u driller coz I know he is the hero/
Me n' young shark we so dope what happened to your demons/

I say hiphop is like a culture n' I believe in it/
Party never stop until I'm feelin' it/
Kill you using lyrics, mind your own business/