B.I.G(Before I'm Gone

B.I.G(Before I'm Gone (Prod. by TrapKing)

Trap King

City life (2019)


I'm livin' so lit..
You know I gat drinks.
N' I gat 'em chicks.
Here wi' my OG's.

I'll do all right n' wrong (Things)
Before I'm gone..
Jus' wanna ge' enough.
Before I go home.

During my life..
I jus' wanna have fun.
Before I die...
Before I go home.

This is wha' I'm doin' during life to survive I ain't gonna take no brake I don't have to pick a lunch.
You gat dreams you like me yeah you similar to me n' also gat the dream to be live at the bronze.

Boi is ain't trippin' bu' I'm not here for assistin'.
My flows are like source yeah cava how they drippin'.
This is what I'm workin' on kiid gat a vision.
I'm gonna get it (before I die!!)

I still think I ga' so so much to do.
You better mind o' your business I ain't livin' for you.
They still telling me tha' TrapKing you keepin' it movin' keepin' it good with Yung Trill makin' 'em moves.

Some niggers are hatin' o' me coz I always improvin'
They been sneakin' o' my back, copying things tha' I'm doin'
Shisa k'phela Bux, Nature n' TrapKing on tha' music..