Nigga ain't famous no interviews
My new Bitch she white like cookie dough
Cloud 99 I took flight and I left my shoes
On earth niggas,here talk,guess they the news
Feeling blue,finna solve a mystery but there ain't no clues
#(Think),bitch young and she in her youth
Make her give me lap dance like Jamaican girl
Peeps around the block,claim they hot but we know the truth


What do they know?(bitch)you think you know,leave us the hell alone
You better watch your tone,screaming
You know it all,you noisy bitch you think you know it all
You know it all,go suck a dick you think you know it all

Verse 1

I was taking a nap but my phone just went off
Answered my phone,was a call from the trap
They told me they put some cash into my bank
Now imma do what I wanna,buy marijuana
I'm a goner in other words a Nigga a stoner
I'm stone cold to all of my haters
I write songs just to show them that I got a heart
Don't fuck with a nigga who's smart
Will use your name to top my charts
Yall all at the bottom like boarf
It's evident that a young nigga got bars
Dramatic shit,that's for them bitches who's broke
How is you flexing if you ain't got muscle
*Mama said at my birth that this boy is gonna hustle
I saw the roids all stacked up into a duffle