The Anonymous

The Anonymous (Prod. by CJ)

TNT SHABA ft Mercer

Bomb (2019)


TNT Verses

Verse 1

I've been on a bad low so I started off by getting up
Dust myself off,picked up the money like i made a touch down
Remember coming from the ground
Feds be looking for you like you missing,nah he just outta town
If he's late on his payments then he owe me a pound of flesh
So tell me what is next?
I've never been in this game so I'm staying humble
Unlike most im here to rap and not to mumble
I stay true to who I am as much as I can so don't ever try to change me Some dumb girls tried to play me
Nah you can faize me,I'm sorry baby but you ain't bae see
You could come back with a come back once you stop thinking about penises Imma be an hour late sorry for the inconveniences
My shit the cleanest,all these light skin girls be bleaching
Yellow bone but I just call them all cleaners
Wear Nike wear addidas,all name brands but yet you're broke
He spending to impress but some still don't get the joke
2018 we lost a few all due to the rope
Life to real though so you just have to cope
Man don't follow these hoes


But its true though,oh yeah its true though,yeah its true bro
You pussy ass nigga what do you know?
Call your goons bro,by the time they arrive I'll be outta town
I'll take you out and put you in a bag that says lost and found
A minute later you'll be underground