I Find It So Strange

There are certain things I wish that you could see
Take your time to stop and look inside of me
I'm more ascetic, baby steps
We can't commit the circumstance
But love is seen, it comes eventually

I find it so strange
Now we must play all these games
Why don't you feel safe with me?
I have to say
I find it so strange
Now we causing all this pain
Don't run away from me

You and me together is incredible
‘Cause it feels so right
Having you here with me
Just take my hand
Let's take this chance
We'll never ever be the same
‘Cause l know that love will keep you close to me


Trust in me
You can let down your guard
Don't be afraid, I'll be your guide
Rescue me
I know that it's in your heart
Let's trust this love baby
You'll see

[Chorus x2]