Best of TK

It wasn't simply the fact that she was in that rare position of having earned SA Music Awards for all her albums. She scored three-for-three when 'TKO', 'Tsakani' and 'Black Butterfly' were named Best R&B Album, the latter earning the accolade in 2004 when the premier awards ceremony celebrated its 10th anniversary in the same year as South Africa's democracy marked a decade of existence.

TK's unique position in SA music scene came from having a gift, a mesmerising and instantly identifiable voice, that she was willing and supremely able to deploy across the broadest range of material and with a diversity of collaborators. So from her R&B ballads with the likes of Loyiso and Danny K, to her pop songs with Audius and her children's songs with Ed Jordan and Alan Glass, TK was capable of moving into the material with ease, revealing a sensitivity for the songs that very few singers ever manage to achieve.

As a record of her incredible life's work, 'Best of TK' is exceptional listening.

The album features her top hits, collaborations with fellow artists and previously unreleased songs with some extra remixing of older tracks.

Featured artists include Zimbabwean-born, Australian-based pop artist, Audius on 'I Know A Place', Mandoza with 'The Other Side of the Room', Danny K's 'So Many Ways' and Ed Jordan ('Where Did I Go Wrong'). The new SABC 2 Theme song had also been recorded into a full track featuring Proverb.


# Title Length
5 Close Your Eyes 3:53
9 Black Butterfly 4:39
10 I Find It So Strange 3:30
14 How Do You Feel 5:06