Reach (Seek for Self)

Reach (Seek for Self)




Who are you?
All you do is beat beat beat my identity

What’s cold is a gold mine
I had to dig deeper just to find what’s mine
The true gold you could not define
I was the only diamond you could not refine

You couldn’t reach me and so you couldn’t teach me
All your ways
So you’d beat me
With that red ink on my test papers
Emphasised circles on every mistake

Red tape on my future plans
Report cards be the death of a creative man
Closed doors for the art class
True art is out there but you need a hall pass
So it’s hidden from the side of those…
Who understand it most so we know it as ghost
Charts on the walls with numbers made it all worse
They was missing a formula to reverse the curse

Self esteem went from nine to zero
Subtracted by you becoming broken heroes
Giving way to the strong to make fun of the weak
Those action figures are puppets unaware of defeat

That’s ahead them and ahead of us
The world’s the same now we’re all crawling in the dust
Only difference is some of us learnt to mold clay
Coz we got comfortable knowing that we ain’t going nowhere

But reality is
We is the phoenix and the meaning of truth
Retrieving, believing, conceiving the root
That will teach how to reach out
To each mouth that’s mute

Who are you?
All you do is beat, beat, beat my identity
I’m traumatised by the scars
You’re reaching out your hand but is close to far

Who are you?
All you do is beat, beat, beat my identity
The only thing I lean on, thats my glory
Twelve years a slave, now I’m switching up my story

They say the sky’s the limit if it so than thats the issue
They’ve cropped your wings so you don’t see beyond what you wish to
Your intellect has been robbed and everything that’s in you
You’re paralysed and blind but that shall not continue

Get up and take your crutches, that’s your identity
Ain’t no such thing as flaws incapabilities
You future king, you future queen
Your features are the fruits within
The truth begin, dispute will end
Unroot the trend, reboot and mend
Your character
Future generations depends on it
Reach out to all coz we depend on it

Shout out to JE for reaching me
I hope I’m reaching ya’ll, the youth depends on it

Seek for self, educate yourselves about self