Vote in Peace

Vote in Peace by Temple Gabriel
From the east side to the north side
To the south side to the west side
Mehn I urge you to shun violence.. Nigga hmmm
Back then we were voting in peace and with Honesty ...But right now what happens? Nigga hmmm

Verse 1
In 2015, where homies were scared about voting a shit
Mehn they were scared about going to polls and not coming again
House were intact and the niggas were scared about coming outside
Maybe policy never just gave them that mind
Political apathy
If you were viewing from outside, you'll think that this shit was what's happening
But come out to think of it
Why will some people not vote on the people that's wanting to leading them?
Get a poll
Stash your families in a private poll
Unleash thuggery on the other polls
But that is how they have been rigging polls
But the biggest fool of em all
.....mehn I'm not saying anything here
But the I'll shut up
Cos if I don't, they get a killer and the killer would shut me up x2