My Views

i've got many spirits within me
i've still got wild thoughts within me
i take the bible and i try to read it
hoping that one day, God's spirit redeems me
yall might have thought that i was finished
aint it though? but I'm far from finished
maybe you took my leave for what it isnt
a lot of you, still doubt that i'm a christian
maybe i haven't really picked a side or stood firmly
or maybe i picked a side and y'all didn't get me
so like a wiper, let me try and make it clear!
i assure you, my choice wont defeat the purpose
who i'm coming as
my identity!
so all this questions wont catch up like its nemesis
i'm a christian!
i pray daily! Talk to God, he speaks
i steady hear him.
Its true!
i've got the proof!
let it be known that i'm rapping for the youths
let me make an impact, i hate the way they're groomed!
if the youths are all gone, then we all are doomed.
there's no gospel! No secular!
hear songs open minded and get the message clear
its not about the artiste, its the message passed
i could do this things mehn for ages man.
i ain't play(playing) boy, i ain't Hugh Heffner
i speak from my head, could be the greener ambers
its killing me bro! I'm here to dress that
so you wont leave me, a couple years after
mehn i know way a lot about God and then karma
i know they're real, mehn i never forgot that
i'll always live straight and mehn that is my standards
i'll never divide no matter the peer pressure
like woah!
hey tem! Its the devil bro, let me in n*gga knock knock knock
uh oh! What do you want from me? Just let me in and i swear i'll answer that
i could give you all the fame to your music, the plats and the money and all of that
just sell your soul son
you crazy dawg! Oh jeez! Get off my life
ha get off my life
but that's how the thing goes
the devil was busy putting out good traps for the youngin' like he is Post Malone
but i came through like a prophecy
homie you know that i ain't bluffing
i owe daddy Sam Praise a lot, someone should tell him that he's real free to post my loans
hey temple!
how is you doing? How far with your music?
i'm steadily pushing, i'm doing a song in the studi(o)
no stop it! Your music is snoozing, production is useless
those songs are just trash!
they are so useless, you're constituting nuisance, you sound like a rookie, its stupid.
Wait wait
oh oh God!
shut up temple! oh jeez What the hell were you thinking?
and i'm uh oh i'm sorry
i thought i had given my best,and i'm sorry if my music is snoozing
if you feel, this trash was your all, then i advice you that you should get out of music
i thought it was good, i was actually grooving
see temple, try and take a break out of music
okay pops i'm gonna go out for like two year
i need to improve me, i need to just build me
and now i am back like i've mastered the art
steady on them trees' headed where the sun's at
i'm thanking everyone who stuck in/around
many artistes but yall stuck with the man
i'm here to make real music, mehn i aint changed
say it as i see it then, mehn i aint cain
it's long and it feels good to just get in the booth
maybe now i am free to finally groove like...

woah *2
i'm back mehn
it's been long mehn
i'm thanking everyone who stuck around
mehn the boy is groomed already mehn
(beat fades)