My Life

My Life (Prod. by Mr Fanty)

Temple Gabriel ft Major X

My Views (2019)


My life
Verse 1(Temple Gabriel)
This is the life that a lonely boy lived,
I was then born in a smallie town East Then quickly groomed in the capital city I never had those things a baby boy wished
My childhood was fun!
But only then brief!
A nigga chased greens as early as six
If this is the same for every young kid
Then most of this kids would be burning those weeds
Chorus (Major X)
Live on the street Bounce the world
We no too get but we dey alright
Never let hard times humble us
With time, our lives will be golden Everything's gon be Rossy.
Verse 2(Temple Gabriel)
That just my life(my life)
My life (My life)
I write my heart on songs
You've gotta find it
Lonely though fam's around or friends around
(Around around)
Lonely I wrote on pads, I was in private
A nigga ain't ruthless or bold yeah Deserted by friends and his woes yeah Come let me show you my past yeah
This wounds ain't healed since the child shit
Nigga was grinding before rapping shit
I was in burden
A youngin won't sneech
Studied this life, Got time for this shit
I knew when a person was lying and shit But That was the time that was gold Mehn
Gees left school just to smoke yeah Abstained from this shits
They were jokes Mehn
Young Nigga got the composure
Mehn I got bullied alot (yeah)
Big but got beaten alot(yeah)
Come let me take you this route (Yeah) Show you the bullies and scars damn
Repeat chorus(Major X)
Verse 3(Temple Gabriel)
That's just my life(my life)
My life(my life)
We see the goals and strife
Got goals then strife
Mehn that dream got me inspired
so damn inspired
Yeah yeah
This ain't the life I planned
but damn I'm flying
(Yeah yeah)
Me and my niggas be zoning
Come let me show you the road, B
I was real bottled but cold, B
Like a snake eyes I was cold, Gee
All of this nigga's were clones, B
just didn't know how to flow, B
They copped Tupac and Snoop doggy Fuck it!
I wanted to join em
Mehn it ain't easy
Oh Mehn! It ain't easy.
I wanted to be me
not copy emcees
This is the rule of the city
I wanted to break it but nigga's ain't kidding and shit
Wanna be famous and rich (Yeah) Started to vibe out and spit(Yeah)
I was just looking at youngins out playing and secretly wished it was me.
Repeat chorus(Major X)
OUTRO(Temple Gabriel)
While some times they do call me and be like,
"Temple, you that was isolated, where are you now?" And I be like I'm pushing and most at times, knowing that I have a lot of people that I've got to prove wrong, it gives me the fuel to do more ".