Juliet Rose

Juliet Rose (Prod. by Lutherking )

Teekay lepantsula

Heartthrob 307 (2018)


There is a couple of things that i wanna tell you...
Couple of things that you might not know
Life its a game i keep rolling dice
I'm bout to hold you and make you the one
Im talking my life when I'm talking about you x2
Baby girl oooooohhhhh
Ooohhh nooo

Verse 1
Gravy sauce
Gravy sauce gravy sauce Juliet Rose
Juliet Rose Juliet Rose
Keep it low key
How can i convince you how can i amaze you
S'thandwa sam
You make me crazy
Forgive my eyes to admire you
You the one though
For The real one
My girl friend is my best friend
I let them know this
Hot body girl i call you mamacita
Take a picture frame it you my Mona Lisa
Pull up with you in the city they feeling Heat
Uyashisa let me take u a picture
I need a visa and couple of madibas
You got my eyes captivated
I always ignore it when they trash talk I feed my focus starve distraction


Verse 2
Sweet caramel i hope you love my verse though
Best believe i gotta tell i like ur style though
Hope this song will make it to the radio
Hit the frequencies as im looking for an interview
From bottom of my heart baby i knew you the one
Come closer baby let me love you
Imma freeze up if you think im joking
Oh baby can you hear me out now