Twisted Brains 2

Twisted Brains 2 (Prod. by Oakley 808)

Tedical ft Jayhood

Tedical singles (2017)


(Sniffing) Yeah, (sniffing) I bring it back. Yeah

Verse 1 (Jayhood)
You wannabee celebrities
Tryna steal my energy
I wake up to a murder 12 feet deep when I speak it's like a hurricane just happened
I hate these mumbles rappers I take them back to their classes matter fact,
Yo class in session you should probably take some notes,
I'm a goat
Heard I got some competition that shit better be a joke my competition is a ghost
My competition is a ghost lil nigga
Real life shit"

Bridge (Snoop Dogg sample)
Yeah cause once you be you who can be you but you?
That's what's wrong right now erbody tryna rap the same style i don know who created it, it was Future or Migos but all them niggas sound the same.
It's said a nigga had me in the studio one night tryna do that shid I'm like man cut this shid off,
Da Fuckin I'm out here doing nigga i don't rap like that.

Verse 2 (Tedical)
So you wanna be cool hur?
You wanna look good hur?
You wanna get the juice you wanna get nyash,
You wanna be "ooh wow".
See my life been complicated (yeah) kinda like a business plan (yeah),
So I gotta be a business man (yeah),
I gotta get paid dawg,
You must think I'm Awurum but I ain't here to make jokes,
I'm here to be a pope I'm here to make it snow,
You a GOAT who knows?
You pinnochio you below zeroes.
Back in the days in Bushbuckridge,
I was an amateur trying to please,
All of the beautiful girls in the streets,
I had no followers i had no cheese,
Damn, now all the fans on my DM telling me I'm such an inspiration wait,
Can't believe is me can't believe i am what they told me I'll never be which is "Great"
I don't wanna pay attention on these haters I rather pay on someone who will bring the change,
And it ain't about the girls no more I just want the pen to cut me a cake,
Heard a lot of these rappers yeppin they trying too hard,
Creativity pending, all my verses are biblical
and they almost a half way there to inject some blessings to the angels in heaven.
I'm tryna be relevant,
Everything that I spit is an oath of an oracle.
Why you tryna be a veteran?
and last long in the game when your girl complains that you ain't never last in bed you're quick to cum like an Uber Black.
Blood is thicker than Nadia Nakai but I don't trust no Family Tree,
Every friend a snake so R.I.P to loyalty.
I jump on top of the roof and scream to the hood and let it be known
that I'm bout to be the controversial nuisance while erbody below.
Who can stand this who can try?
Who'll withstand this wicked trial?
Let's go toe to toe but I'm after your toes and I'm not on June July.
Been the rap president my policies you bound to understand,
Thought these rappers got some balls but is chicken nuggets in their pants.
Can't wait to blow and work on an album
that'll resurrect River Steenkam
to present me an Oscar in front of Pistorius.
My genotype be the missing component in the galaxy,
Before you bite the flow prepare to live with some cavity,
Ima do it pro-bono if I gotta be your enemy,
I'm the one killing time boy you just an accessory. (Oh)
Married to the game, wen usapheth vulumlomo (haa!)