I need my place, I need the cake and not accumulate some hate.
I need to pray for the golden days, adopt the bar and raise.
I run my race. Every time I’m praised they don’t overrate.
My bars are caged in a burning cellar all I spit is flames.
I own this space, money talks but it don’t ever hold debates.
I’m on my pace, I was in a cypher and murder was the case.
I over create, all these flows are posed to get me nominated for an accolade.
Make these rappers all deteriorate.
I get amazed when these rappers pose for me a poker face.
I set ablaze all these joker’s rappers burn from toe to braids.
I’m born and raised in a place that plenty don’t appreciate.
My dawn is raised, I abacinate with my draws of rays.
I jot a phrase with a metaphoric phase that’s hard to contemplate.
I’m freaking insane, unaccommodating, rude as hell no saint.
Uppercut an upper oak and break his nose for getting me gazed.
Pour me your brains, dash it with some hate I still will not relate.
I know the strain of poverty so I rap to print the profit.
Aced everything I chased, ain’t that a bitch? A lyrical slave.
Plagiarism based, I innovate and you just copy and paste.
Big booty bitches picking dicks yours is losing weight.
So allow me to say go fuck yourself and ejaculate.
Ha ha ha, that’s so funny hur, your sense of humor need to be traced.
I always Do Right And Kill Everything but I ain’t no Drake.
If I tell my story to the finish I might dehydrate.

I was told i'm not gonna make it,
I was told that i'm wack,
I was told that i ain't got the bars and i ain't got the balls
to pull this through.
I was told that ain't nobody made it where i come from
in Bushbuckridge.
So who am i to tryna make a name for myself in the Hip Hop scene outside
where i come from. You know what i'm saying.
It's crazy, cause it even got to a point where i was hated by my own people.
So i guess now is the time to prove everybody wrong, to show them
that i'm meant for this, i was born for this. And that's what i call legendary.