Twisted brains

Verse1 (Tedical)
KingTed, all my L's are ready?
Let's go.
I woke up this morning writing rhymes with my early mind,
No need for introduction i met your girl in my wet dreams.
That's why I woke up with a straight stupid boner,
Tryna write a song to fuck up the game and get my corona.
The devil tryna hold me down to the grave.
I'm in the dark but i see the vision like it's daylight,
I'm in the dark, i see angels and i might
forget the puccy and recite a prayer with a flashlight.
See i was born with a pen from the gospel,
And ima use it when i wanna get an Oscar.
TedicalWorld is the presidential Alaska,
If you buy sunblock then the puccy is free.
You little demons are praying that i don't make it,
but you kinda forgot the password to make impossible.
You got a knive, I got a tank and bazookas,
Lemme drop the grenades so i can blow to be a star.
My mind encrypted, my thoughts are rare to be found,
I done told you that my brain is a metaphoric device.
And if you pay attention you'd prolly be bankrupt,
I'm also broke but my bank account full of confidence.
I'm in the game with a mind state of a chess player.
I never put myself in the shoes of a leprechaun.
They told me break a leg i broke a neck.
The jig is up, boy I'm so important to the youth like a prom night.
My mixtape better than your albums and if you diss me I'd prolly understand cause the feelings i arose,
in these bars are overdosed,
like Nicky's booty and the sexual appeal of Amber Rose.
I started off as a pizza delivery man without a driver's license so i was driving them crazy.
Reece and Cizzle got me feeling like I'm late for this shit.
I told my mama to tell a pastor to pray for this shit.
Niggas tryna prove a point,
i diss your point until you disappoint,
i taught ma finger how to middle-point.
I've reached the point where i could never earn no points,
it's kinda pointless,
I'm good enough in the lyrical pointcast.
So leave your pointabale point of view at the checkpoint.
I'm at the point of no return,
I'm appointed to save Hip Hop or die trying. I'm never gon duck.
I'm pointillistic as i paint the picture so wish me luck,
Cause they only consider you great when you you signed a deal,
They only fucking with your dick if it can pay the bills.
My wordplay penetrating like four play.
I started not giving a fuck then they called me greedy.
I forever break the rules but i know how to lead.
Man i would have came up on this niggas like a chronic disease,
I'm only humble,
But if you push the button or fumble.
I swear you'll never be outta line like your grandma is Madea.
I'm making music while niggas are making babies.
I'm tryna sell these records while bitches tryna sell puccy.
I'm tryna shoot a movie, them haters are tryna shoot me
But the picture won't be clear if they're using a stupid camera.
Hold it there, you can even check on the calendar,
I dropped a mixtape now go tell your people I'm clumsy.
A bitch nigga always cum quick i overcum.
Stop tripping you ain't never been a new school bully.
So lemme make a promise
I promise I'll never promise
And if i make a promise
I promise I'll break the promise.
My point is I'm a big dreamer I don't need narcotics
Cause if I sleep I might never wake up, I'd be living ma dreams.
I'm a gladiator poetically.
I block a gunshot with a swat I'm talking lyrically.
I got the recipe of ducking death behind the mic
when the crowd is cheering the name of the king ima take out your life..
Talk is cheap, is the only thing you afford
Life's a bitch, I'm the nigga behind that ass.
Talk is cheap, is the only thing you afford
She been sucking my dick but her puccy i don't recall.