We made it happen us
For all we owe nobody niks
This game’s dirty it needs
Some sanitary fix,
Focus used to be empty
Like January
Now pockets are heavy and
That’s some legendary shit
We gotta make it for hommies
Necessary get
Jabulala, they are in sammitary
Mix, Bafunani laba
They are in a secondary list
Rappers are apitizers calamari dish
Haibo they used to say
We are from kasi
We look so shady now we swept up
We laid side candy
Haters feed up with girls signed
Lately hanging with fine ladies
That’s the reason these guys
Hate me we having fun daily
Haibo, I’m a son of a gun maybe
Now you wanna know who I’m dating

Ayoba, ayoba
Isikhati soku jabula
I knowa, I knowa
Mfanagiti wa buelula
Wa gome njena
Dala spume’s nghina
Ayoba, ayoba
Isikhati soku jabula

It’s all about the money, money
You can keep it if you want it, want it
Finji hlamele o pande
Believe me, ain’t nothing funny, funny
One day, one day

Mama we can’t suffer like this forever
Man, never
I know I can pull a few tricks, abra cadabra
I’m the paper chaser,
On the mission to get some
Money see you later hater
Premonition to get the money
Every day I wake up
Was my ambition,
To get some money
To get some paper
I grew up I screw up
Ndala be guhla main life
Was too tough was too rough
Bt I made it through the pain
I’m a maneuver, than blew up
Than made it through the game
Now ra gruva, guluva
Yeh you can do the same

Life is not the same
But it’s exactly how I planned it
As if it will never grow
Unless if you know just
How you planned it
I enjoyed the pain
Now I’m immune to it
The melody insane
Watch the world move to it
I grew up in Soweto
Changed beats my city
Respected in the ghetto
With my hard work on the cd
My life style is like a scene from a movie
With a lot of groupies, I’m sorry
Cos I’m choosy
When I leave the club I always
Leave with somebody
And end up doing things that
I didn’t mean cos I’m naughty, yeah
Ba ngati bo gaxwali
Now you know you need to
Cos if you disagree your chick
Will probably leave you
I know she likes me
There’s no question about it
If you deny it raise your hand announce it
We don’t wonder the streets
We all over the air traffic
Story of my life