Num8er Num8er

It's amazing to see a group of artists who are considered game changers grow with each album. In Teargas's case, this does not apply as the trio produced two brilliant albums which both went on to spawn several hits and win a slew of awards, yet their latest album fails to impress.

With high expectations, I eagerly listened to Num8er Num8er. The introductory song begins with a short explanation of "how a person's life is revealed in the numbers". Immediately after this interesting intro, the album kicks off with the track Like Never Before. In true Teargas style, vernacular lyrics ensue.

Lately, Teargas have taken their cue from rappers Kanye West and Drake by singing on some of their tracks. Like Never Before is one such track and if you are not a fan of rappers stretching their vocal abilities, I suggest you give this track a miss.

Award-winning 2Face make his appearance on track two, Turning Tables. I like the feel of this track mainly because of the Nigerian duo's contribution. It's catchy and has the potential to be a club banger. Another notable track is Forgive Me featuring Lilly Milion. Milion's voice is captivating as she passionately sings about asking for an apology.

The album features appearances from Ziyon (Liquid Deep), who manages to add a charming touch to track nine, while Toya Delazy brings her brand of electic pop-funk to track seven's Paradise. The musical appeal of the album ends there, as the rest of it gets monotonous.

There are 15 tracks on the album and of these about six are worth a listen. For artists who are revered for their lyrical content and energetic delivery, this album is mostly forgettable.


Title Length
Single 4:12
Jabula 3:49
Paradise 4:26
Like never before
Wake up 4:34