K'shubile K'bovu

Can I see all the hands of those who enjoy local hip-hop! Damn, this is a hot installment from Mzansi hip-hop group, TearGas has hit the shelves. What can I say? The three kassie boys are on the mic, rhyming tight verses.

Man… As soon as the opening track, "Rise" started playing, I could tell that the trio is up to something scary. Ahoy! A song "Ooh No" is the next big thing in the hip-hop scene. The way that this song harassed me, most people are gonna jump and sing along “Ooh No”. The use of sound effects and sirens seem to have given the song a strong energy and potent life.

Talking about the group's lyrics, the trio also took the route of using tsotsi taal mixing it with a bit of the 'Queens' English.

Filled with fifteen songs, there are other beats that I don't think go well with the rhyming and rhythmic style of the group. A song, "Ithathe kancane" is comprised of beats that do not go along with the lyrics.

From slow tempo tunes to dirty lyrics, allese is provided here. I suppose it's a hip-hop tradition to have at least one track with lousy lyrics. The song “Umbali” is something people might prefer to listen to only when they've had a few drinks.

Touching the grounds of RnB, the boys have done a superb song, "Hold" features the vocals of a female artist, Liesl of Jamali. Not bad, never thought the group could put together a song for our sisters…

"Chance", is the song that made me interested in TearGas. From the instrumentation all the way to the rhyming, this is a hit bafowethu! Though I've been in touch with this song for sometime, whenever I hear it, it takes me to another level, feeling as if I'm gliding on air! The manipulated chorus is something special and the rhymes are amazing.

Though I like the album, the producer should in future limit sampling other people's songs. Not that there is a problem with that… but wouldn't it be nice to just create your own beats from scratch? Judging from the song "Ooh No", I assume that TearGas's sound was influenced by the music of Skwatta Kamp. Best you keep a bucket of water next to you because TearGas is just about to blow and you better be ready for the flames.


Title Length
Chance 3:39