International Dude [Dj Play Version]

International Dude [Dj Play Version] (Prod. by Tazylla Milez)

Tazylla Milez

The Authentic Script


[Verse 1]
The freshest on the block talking real thang the HB
1,2,3 stepping up like a toddler
Babysitting niggas jus to party with they girlfriends
Smelling real fresh looking like i own Versace nigga
yeah now am bout ma f'cking thang
My swag so mean looking forward to snatch ya bitch
Whatelse you expect dude?
My chains so loud now, couple girls the same time and you still f'cking with the same chicks (cheayah)
Now am looking for the next bitch,
next Amber Rose pimp her and turn her into a 1st class, it's only for a night tho
Tomorrow it's a new thang before you expire let me tell ya something bitch

Hey Girl, I can tell you want it by the way you dancin on the floor
Hey Girl, I can look in your eyes and tell you want some more
Oh Girl, Don't worry about this better just keep doing what you do
Hey Girl, Girl tonight you can be international