OAOA (Over And Over Again)

OAOA (Over And Over Again) (Prod. by Theskybeats)

Sxlve Lazuli



[Verse 1]
I don't wanna be alive
Coz I know this shvt a lie
I don't care about the climax
I'm committing suicide

I was never gonna drop
But I lied
Man I drop
Now we starting from the Top
How the fvck we gonna crop


They like Cruuz where you at
Record label gotcha back
Signed a deal then I snapped
There will always be a catch

Had a book, had a pen
Had no motherfvcken plan
Yea we started from the bottom
No Nikey did what I can

(Where have u)
To tell truth I was dying
You niqqas thought I was lying
I dropped my single release in May
Coz the Devil was buying


I never talk about ele-vators
I'm always on silent
Don't leave me when you get famous Over
You niqqas are funny

You niqqas are funny
You never saw me work on my timing
Was counting my tallies
When everybody said I was nothing

From nothing to something
I'm only gonna work on my money
I'm totally on it
I'm only gonna work on my running


On a low
I seen many people I don't know
(I don't know now)
18 7 Three I wasn't sure
This time Imma stay, will never go

Over again
Over n over again
Over n over again