The Zone (PGmix)

Okay now take note of my words
Stay close and observe, the halo has dispersed
And that goes for the both of us now we have something in common
I see the fire in your eyes and a possible case of arson
So i'd suggest that we roll out rather not with the rest of us
They'll be catching up i'd love for this to be one-on-one no extras
Looking into your eyes, down to your neck
After kissing you on your lips I glide mine and feel your breath

That's when you tighten your grip pulling my chest towards your breasts
See you taking me on a trip and i'm not talking 'bout that X
I'd love for you and I to just dip to a place where I be on deck
I swear I abandon ship but that's only if you're wet
Then I dive into your zone into your soul let it take over
I wanna feel the inner fire cold as ice radiating close up
I love playing with the element if I burn or not it's my own fun, you know what?
Make it your favor to be my flame 'til i'm sober
'Cause ima touch you right