Cold (unmastered)

Cold (unmastered) (Prod. by Bruce Bruce)

SliQ G

2021 & Beyond (2021)

There's nothing scarier than facing the deepest realms of our self, but there's also nothing more rewarding than that. Assimilation is a lengthy process that demands mainly psychotherapy, but also hours of introspection and constant re-evaluation and recalibration of personal behaviours and beliefs. Our cerebral makeup is quite plastic but it's plasticity is predicated upon our ability to showcase discipline and tenacity. We can't just expect a divine force to rescue us from our suffering. We're our only chance for redemption and catharsis. The shadow has a challenging nature therefore the process of assimilation requires one to ask oneself some challenging questions.

Coming from a dark place in my life
Had to part ways with my mind follow my heart faith in the grind
Maybe I might fade into white cross my fingers pray that right
Maybe I'm wrong, eyes wide open laying in bed playing these songs
Keeping every bad dream from my headspace every time they come along
25 staying at home, shit is frustrating on its own
Patience is tiring me the fuck out I don't wanna wait anymore
Seeing opportunity slip through my hands shit is painful and sore
Hate to recall the days I dropped the ball many times after kicking off
Only after many years did the hindsight come to show me me these hidden doors
Gems in the ways them niggas spoke but I was dabbling in sicker thoughts
Then my fickle heart got ahead of my reputation and I coulda killed the job
But fuck that I prefer the foresight even more, looking less seeing even more
Checking on the bucket list for the things I'm wishing for
This chick is talking 'bout how back in the day I was a little soft
Same chick is talking 'bout how I turned to a flame hand gripping on my balls
See certain people getting pissed off, mxim, tell em bring it on
Whether it's hate or love is irrelevant long as it's something to nibble on
Appetite grew big and strong if a nigga falls then a nigga falls
Heartbeat got my head banging and words sounding like trigger talk
Raging soul blood way too cold body built to retain em both
I'm saving notes not saving hoes rather stay alone not staying broke
Lose a mind I'll take control from a remote location home
Hopefully not too dark or that rainy though