No Problems

No Problems (Prod. by Syndrome)

Sisekelo Shawn


Snakes in the grass x2 forest
No problems, I got no problems I got more cash
They always hating cause I'm elevating i need more bandz
(No problems)

I ain't never got no problems
Swag on fleek we buzzin
Jay-j rocking that gucci
That girl, she a thot she bougee x2
Finna get high Marley
Work hard ain't no fatigue
Got ma dogs on the leash
Gimme those greens imma feast
Better stay out my business
Nigga please fetch your mistress
She all up in my face, real shit

Got no problems

Started from the bottom with no shit dawg
Now we ain't doing no chit chat
Look at what we doing man dot dot
Got an ace on my sleeve got a black card
Finna get high Marley elevate dawg


Work on a track and they diggin it
None of my people be negetive
Stay on a hunnid we always lit
Stay on my lane then I overtake
Problem is we don't care if u hate
We about the love got my brothers mate
This ain't no dominos checkmate x2

We do not fvck with the drama
I'm saving this seat for my brother
Check at my flow, Gutter
All up in em trees call me Blanca
Playing that base like bella
Picture, perfect Duma
Nerds, we loving that paper
Put respect on the name