[Bridge] Shatt Res
Dolla, Dolla, Dolla.....
[Chorus] Shawn & Teazy Tee
Young nigga gotta get the dolla
Benjamin Franklin get the Mula
Ice on my wrist I met the jeweler
Coming from the east I met budda X3
[Verse] Shawn
What would you do for the dolla
Tell me would you kill for the dolla x2
Tell me would you kill for your brother
(Look) I be praying for more
Once u get it you keep wanting more
I kneel and I pray for my soul
Sleep with the cross oh my lord!
The devil's gon try to deceive me i know
The dolla destroys all relations dawg, oh!
I get the dolla, but I still want more
The thing is I never have enough u know
U like this x2 and like that...