Be Real

Title:Be real

Artists: Shawn, Teazy Tee, Kitty, Deezy

*Verse 1* (Sisekelo Shawn)

This ain't the way things need to be.
I don't see my bro sleeping on the streets
I love money conversations let's go and rob a bank
Tryna get the dinero just to feed the fam.

if I'd go to jail would my hommie's bail me out?
If I'd lose a home, would they take me in?
If I'd go hungry would they offer me a plate?
If they'd see me crying , would wipe off my tears?
It's funny
That I'm always trying
Though they see me dying

They never care how I'm doing they will leave me crying
Claiming that they got my back, I can see they lying.

But I keep moving.
Dawg I keep moving
And I Stay strong, I will not lose it
I will keep moving
I just keep blooming
In, everything I do I keep improving.

I stay real
Always Be real

*Verse 2* (Teazy Tee)

Rapper with an attitude I'm feeling like Medusa pulled up to the scene and everybody tell me do sumn x2

I'm a king don't call me keenan n**a you a phooser
I jus saw my hommies begging that sh*t is so f**ked up
You the devil tryna get everybody so worked up
Get your sh*t straight and get some piece of mind

*Chorus* (Kitty)

Keep it real
Keep life real
Ooh just be real
You gotta keep it real x2

*Bridge* (Kitty)

You gotta keep it real
It ain't a big deal
You gotta pray so kneel
And keep it real

*Verse 3* (Kitty)

(You gotta always be real
I got the real on my side, real on my side) x4

*Verse 4* (Deezy)

(Feel the real within me burning hot
Soul so pure no evil on my mind
Been in darkness now I see the light
My family's always with me by my side) x2