Blood Spots


[Verse 1]

Good days/ man I switched up/ (anyways)/ With ma Clique dawg / we here to stay/ I'm Safe n I elevate/ annihilate/ every enemy that I face/ these rappers stuck in a steady pace/ some of em aren't even in the race/ I never seen headlights I never lose/ dawg I'm on the move/ I'm reaching better heights I never fake shit I'm always real/ most of these rappers gotta chill / Claiming to be kings, u don't got a kingdom, so where do u rule, claiming you the best but you can't prove it/ oh no!/ its a bad day for u mofos/who's that maf**ker with em cornrows/I'm a drug n they overdose me/i hope ma bros wont double cross me/we don't know you and your hommies/i feel like cupid with the cross bow g/ shooting x2 every time / I like to play with the rhymes / leading the way everyday/ most of you people are fake /


Blood/spots/ we leave u/with the sauce/don't mess /with ma dawgs/stay on your lane I'm the boss/

[Verse 2]

I'm feeling some typa way/ you should just stay on your lane/ don't forget we not the same/ I'm on that: Godly level/

Phanda then rest on the 7th/ there's a place for me heaven/ I'm just reviving the game/ leaving spots on the way/ if u owe me better pay(pay up)/ y'all gotta pick up the pace(turn up)/ the best thing about hitting rock bottom is/the only way u got is straight up/ scoring everytime (lay up)/ but in this life u don't stay up/ we all fall down but I'm on bungee rope I will never fade away/I'll just leave a mark/maybe a scar u gotta know that I'll pave the way/


Blood Spots x2


[Verse 3]

I got plenty bros and I could kill for em
I got love/ I got FAM that I chill will with / (I got em)x2
I got plenty bros n I could kill for em/
I got plenty niggas I gotta deal with/ (I got em) x2
what happened to rappers/they don't say words anymore/ all of their music is boring/ u don't learn shit from their songs/ rap should be inspirational/ it should be influential/
none of these cats that are rapping nowadays make sense / all they do is flung a dope trap beat then they repeat the same words over and over/well they call it trap/ honestly its fucked up I feel like they are depriving the new generation from real rap/when you make music,u gotta make sure that u talk sense, say something that most people can relate to. Thank you!