Swang (Prod. by Shy G)

Shy G ft Varity, Eez RaPoetic, Wel'cee & Kid B

Miracles EP (2018)


(Varity) Ya already know me skip the introduction
Hatin on the hommie bury you six feet
Lower pricer and more save me the pep talk
Standin so tall I’m that nigga Snoop Dogg
My bitch high heels made of glass Cinderella
I got that cow skin you can’t tear me leather jacket
The game is getting tougher I think I need some steroids
Niggas keep their guns blazin ever since I came on
Busy eatin cocoyams Ima let the chips burn
Niggas walkin so slow you could swear shit worms
Niggas speakin swack words they deserve a sick leave
I be coughin all night (coughs) I make a sick leave
Bars always 8 but I gave birth to 16’s
Call that bitch Tinashe Ima need a Baywatch
I just ate ma parmalat I swear I got an appetite
I’m that flyin tiger (yeah) recognise ma puma (look) Raaaah

(Eez) This that typa shit that makes you trap on it
And this that typa shit that makes you dab on it
It got me flippin somethin I jus wanna rap on it
Which makes me snap on it I jus wanna dance on it
I got those typa flows intoxicated overdose
I see these niggas hatin got them trippin over hoes
I got ma niggas rappin something you don’t even know
You motherfuckers don’t even know with it don’t have a clue
Shy G bring that beat right back
I think I got somethin to say
Oh wait! Jus a sec
Lemme say it at the backseat
I be lookin like Brad Pitt takin the nasty shit
Nobody doin like this, nobody rap can in it like this
Nobody can snap on it, dance on it while is busy on the verse
Eez RaPoetic on the verse nigga (Uhmmm!) I’m out

(Wel C) Wel Cee my name, the introduction of the flame
Out of the blue, I’ll make it through without a crew
I got a big mouth, I’m bittin more than I can chew
I fucked your precious sis and that includes your mama too
I’m never scared of any hommie who pleads too
The telescope I only say Jacob Zu
I’ve destroyed the bars I cannot be the prisoner
You’re a small boy I’m older than your ancestors
I’m addicted yes indeed I’m raptally ill
I keep on growin when it comes on preachin fuck these bitches
You stand on ma way I sent you straight on your coffin
(Coughs) Damn they got me coughin, I haven’t had ma medicine so this shit is crackin
It’s better off to die hustling than to die tryin
The bars, they better off nothing to real
That’s where I started dreamin big
You tryna make me scared you think I’m gonna quit, the Bozza building his own legacy

(Kid B) (Yeah) Listen this beat is sick
I’m bout to heal it jus before it’s getting killed
But swack flow niggas always bring in the game
Glow tall niggas always bring make erryday (Eeeer!)
I got em motivated use em as my first hair
They hypoconvulent already heard my first verse
I had em getting niggas smellin like a lickey
I kill these swack on damn look em in the backstage
None of them niggas got illusion of the first bae
All them bitch niggas got illusion of the sextape
So you the baddest but no you still gotta lotta do
Since I’m the dopest nor do you I ain’t gotta master proof
Release so many tracks boy I’m so proud of you
But now you’re borin, Gahddamn I’m getting tired of you
You talkin like you’ve got some hottest on your upcomin
Feel like I can throw up (Uuuurgh!!!) Damn you disguistin