127 Hours

It took you all night to see
It took me all night to get you next to me
Cos you're too hard to read
I just took a hit of ecstasy
The room is spinning all around me
But you're still next to me
So I ask if you want to leave
You said you needed to get going
So you came home with me
We made a bit of light love
We figured we'd figure it out in the morning
So we ate breakfast early

Walking out the door
Is so dishonourable
But sleeping on the floor
Is so fucking uncomfortable

And a few months passed by
We ran into each other at the movies
And avoided eye contact
You got some popcorn
I got myself a berry smoothie
And we entered separately
But then when I sat down
You were sitting right beside me
And I couldn't concentrate
So I said a little "Hey love!"
And you continued to ignore me
So I just watched the movie

Piranha in 3D disappointed me

You're sleeping on my arm
I'll cut off my numb arm
But I don't have a knife
So I'll gnaw off my numb arm
You're sleeping on my arm
I'll saw off my numb arm
How did we get here?
These are my drunk eyes