Good Morning, Sunshine

Shortstraw have already proved themselves competent in creating music that is super catchy, and generally all round body possessing (try not jive/twerk/thrust to this album) but this sophomore album is not the standard copy/paste formula of just catchy tune after catchy tune like lead single and title track Good Morning Sunshine and others like Bikini Weather. Lyrically, there is depth to this offering. Tracks like Cold Shoulder and Lcbss, although wrapped around the colourful melodies, when put on their own are pretty concentrated.

There is an interesting mix with collaborations from rapper Zubz on Mo Money and Shane Durrant on The Wedding Blues. It’s interesting to hear Zubz say “vibe” and Shane spit out what sounds like nonsensical rhymes, but again these tracks are also lyrically, well thought-out. It is the honesty in the delivery of the lyrics that make it so easy to relate to the sex/money/partying themes in this album.

If you have downloaded the digital version (which was up at your own price) really do yourself a massive favour and get a physical copy, it is really put together well and nothing says love for a band by buying a proper copy, and these guys do deserve your love.


# Title Length
1 Couch Potato 3:33
2 Gimme My Fix (It's Only Recreational) 3:01
3 Good Morning, Sunshine 2:37
4 Cold Shoulder 3:48
5 Bikini Weather 4:13
6 Mo Money 3:03
7 LCBSS 3:28
8 Say My Name 3:00
9 Boxing Day 3:39
10 The Wedding Blues 3:46
11 Backbone 2:51
12 127 Hours 2:33