Shortstraw are an indie rock band from Johannesburg South Africa. With their simple melodies and catchy rhythms, Shortstraw has taken the greatest of pleasure in rocking the most prominent live music venues and clubs in South Africa, and is well known for getting the crowd dancing. With 2014 set to take the band internationally, Shortstraw will bring their uniquely South African “Indie-Bele” sound to the rest of the world.
Here comes a little bragging for those not wanting to read too much. Shortstraw is super proud to have so far seen two singles from the 2013 sophomore album GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE placed with in the top 5 for the 5FM Top40 countdown in 2013. Shortstraw won Best Indie at the 2013 MK Awards for the music video for One Long Day, and at the 2014 MK Awards picked up BEST ALBUM for Good Morning, Sunshine and BEST VIDEO for Waterworks.
Shortstraw has also had the incredible opportunity to open for a number of great international bands including The Kooks (UK), Last Dinosaurs (AUS), and the Dune Rats (AUS), not to mention being asked to play at all the prominent music festivals in South Africa as well as the Vic Falls Carnival in Zimbabwe. In 2014, Shortstraw joined Aussie indie hotcakes The Jungles Giants in a capital city tour of Australia. The tour was then be followed by a tour through Japan courtesy of Flake Records, who have re released both YOU’RE UNDERFED I’M WONDERFUL, and GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE in Japan.